Tailor-made Travel

At Costa Rica Reps, we understand that travellers needs and requirements are as varied as the travellers themselves. And this is why every itinerary we design and operate takes seriously into consideration their needs and expectations, so that from the moment a programme is developed it features the right level of adventure; physical activity; balance between accommodation setting, length of travel between destinations and selection of sites of interest.

We are flexible and our extensive database allows us to customize any itinerary, either for an Individual or special-interest group within a few days.

Behind every itinerary should be painstaking attention to detail, and elements that make them unique, interesting, adventurous and educational, at Costa Rica Reps we pride ourselves of our ability to design and develop travel programmes that will satisfy the most discerning travellers.

The following are some guidelines of the requirements and valuable information for us to customize a specialist tour for an individual or group: