When thinking of Costa Rica, many things come to mind but horses and equestrian adventures are not really the first one of these. Why?

There is not a specific answer we can give you, but what we can say is that Costa Rica is a country to explore on horseback!

The varied terrain, diversity of landscapes and wildlife make it a premier riding destination for the Wildlife and Nature enthusiast rider!

Costa Rican history has been indelibly linked to the cowboy life and even today in modern Costa Rica, many of the traditions and culture of days long past, are still alive and one can still see the mighty "Sabaneros" working cattle in the countryside.

Although these specialist mounted adventures are typically packed with intense riding, these have been designed taking into consideration the needs of novice, intermediate and advanced riders alike with plenty of relaxation time.

A riding holiday definitely implies a complete concept and unique way to discover Costa Rica's vast diversity of environmental settings and experience this extraordinary country in the style of a true cowboy!

"The horses we rode made perfect travelling companions - they wait sensibly while you spot the wildlife, but gallop like crazy if you want to race" Horse & Rider Magazine, U.K.