About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is characterized by its impressive scenic beauty, a consolidated system of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels, and efficient infrastructure and services. The country has a strategic position, being located in the heart of the western hemisphere in Central America, and bordered to the north by Nicaragua, to the south by Panama, to the east by the Caribbean Sea and to the west by the Pacific.

A series of volcanic chains (cordilleras) runs from the Nicaraguan border in the Northwest to the Panamanian border in the southeast, splitting the country in two distinct climatic regions. In the centre of theses ranges is a high-altitude plain (Central Valley), with coastal lowlands on each side. Over half the population lives on this central plateau which has fertile volcanic soils.

The country offers visitors from active volcanoes to isolated tropical beaches, at both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts; From the wetlands to the last tropical dry forests reserves in our Continent, from the adrenaline rush of a world-class white water rafting to flying over the rain forest canopy - and still you need to choose the most suitable setting including rain, cloud, or transitional forests!

Some interesting facts about Costa Rica:

  1. The Caribbean coast is 132 miles long whilst the Pacific coast is 635 miles long, at a distance from each other of only three to four hours by land or 45 minutes by air, opening a world of possibilities for beach lovers and those wanting to spend some time near the coasts.
  2. With a territory of 51,100 Kilometres and comparable in size to Wales (U.K.) and Virginia (U.S.), Costa Rica covers a mere 0.03% of the planets surface, yet the nation is endowed with over 5% of all life forms on earth, harbouring 12 major life zones and an astounding amount of plant and animal life including:
    • 210 species of Bromeliad
    • 1,000 Fern species
    • 182 Amphibian species
    • 1,400 Orchid species
    • 111 Palm species
    • 42 Cacti species
    • 243 Mammals
    • 857 Bird species
  3. Costa Rica offers such wide range of possibilities to visitors that it is rather difficult to just have to choose a few alternatives out of the dozens of possible choices, including: Bird-watching, Natural History, Entomological Tours, Diving, Educational Tours, Ocean Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Canopy Tours, Rain Forest Aerial Trams, Horseback riding adventures, White Water River Rafting… and Much More....!!

Costa Rica is densely incredible and diverse destination to explore and we can confidently say that there is simply something for every taste!