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ACC: Climate Change Alliance

Climate Change Alliance (ACC) is a social enterprise, which has its own foundation, which plays a role as the communicating, coordinating and linking body (AyA, BCR, Control Union Certifications, ICE, GS1, UNA, Ashoka, Fundación Corcovado and Grupo Viajeros).

The ACC Program wants to provide support in three areas that they consider keys to society:

• Support a greening of the economy, thanks to the power of the 1%.
• Generate resources to invest in climate change adaptation, through strategic CO2 emission compensation by identified businesses and people.
• Contribute to the education and awareness of society.

The ACC Program offers five mechanisms of participation:

• Carbon footprint measurement of a business or product and strategic compensation.
• The Ecological Seal for the Vehicles (registered trademark).
• The Green Vacations Program (Green Card and ecological tours).
• Give Life with a Postcard (International Library).
• Free on-line carbon footprint measurement of a house, office or event and service compensation.
Costa Rica Reps has united with Climate Change Alliance to compensate its carbon footprint ever since November 2011.